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Why you should use a weed container

To ensure that your marijuana remains as potent as possible, it is very essential that you get proper storage. There are four main factors to consider in getting the right storage for your cannabis. The first factor is dryness as it can dry it out and moisture which can encourage growth of bacteria in the weed. The second is light. The sticky resin glands known as trichomes attached to the marijuana are damaged by light. Thirdly, air reducing the potency of cannabis as it dries it up. Lastly, ensure your storage is not handled excessively as the trichomes can come off. Trichomes contain the active ingredient in marijuana known as THC. You must ensure that your storage does not remove or damage them.

One of the best ways of storing medical cannabis is in jars as well as weed containers. There are numerous reasons why you should use a weed container. Certified containers and jars are not only smell-proof, but are also airtight and potable, fitting into your pocket easily. The containers have replaced the traditional weed baggies and plastic papers normally used by most marijuana users around the world. Most people storing their weed in plastic bags will freeze it aiming to preserve its potency. However, freezing it will only make the trichomes stiff and brittle and will end up falling off and breaking the buds. The frequent handling of the bud when freezing leads to loss of the active ingredients in the marijuana. Get a marijuana container here:

Another benefit of using weed containers over plastic bags is that the static in the plastic reduces the potency of the cannabis. The trichomes are attracted by the bags and lost when removing the weed from the plastic bag. It is also easy to dispense the weed into your pipe, vaporizer or bong while using a container. It eliminates wastage and spillage of your weed. Weed containers are also useful in storing your excess weed from your daily supply. It is recommended that you keep it in a cool, dark and dry place that has little or nor activity to avoid constant handling. This will ensure that your marijuana stays for long, potent as well as fresh. You can read about the different ways people store their marijuana here.

Modern marijuana users are fast getting rid of those traditional weed plastic baggies and going for the durable, waterproof and airtight containers. Most of the top rated weed containers can be found in marijuana stores. You can also order them from various online stores and have them right on your door step.

For more tips on using, storing, and protecting your weed visit the Pack N Stash blog.


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Alter the Way We Feel


I suggest to change the way we feel. Feeling is the primary gauge of our present condition or situation. Feel good, feel abundant, feel love, feel blessed, feel God. And one way to change the way we feel is to count our blessings every day; every time we wake up and every time we sleep. Count your blessings every minute of the day. Until every breath you take is breathing blessings from God like abundance, good health, and love. This suggested tool is very simple. Even your children can learn this simple yet very effective tool as early as now. Simple tools can be taken for granted because they are so easy; and the results of most simple tools can only be experienced after regular or constant practice. Yet these results due to constant practice can be tremendous and amazing.

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Here is a book that I would like to recommend; yet you really don’t have to buy it if you seem to get the reason of what I have been saying about altering the way we feel. I don’t have the copy of the book though; yet I have the audio book for this. And where ever I go, I always have it playing for me while driving. This book helps me a lot to realize the important of mind-feeling-action coordination. With this three coordinated, then blessings can surely be attracted to us. This book has helped me confirmed to many of my experiences on my quest to attract blessings. I remember once in my life when I was running after dreams; I was in fact chasing them away.

The more effort I exerted, the farther these dreams evaded from me. Today, I continue to have these dreams: dreams for myself, for my family, for my love ones, and to the not so fortunate others whom we can help. These dreams are now unfolding right with my very eyes even at the early hours of the day. This time we don’t have to run after dreams; we can walk with them side by side as we feel all the blessings all around us, deep within us, and even beyond us.

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What blessings is it when we can be happy despite the load of responsibility that we are to face as a father (mother), as a husband (wife), as a brother (sister), as an employer (employee), as a friend (colleague), and as a Christian (Hindu, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist). What blessing is it when we can feel love despite the hate all around us; when we can feel the serenity within us despite the turmoil and war; when we can feel blessed despite every challenge we are facing. Alter the way we feel; then these bountiful blessings are attracted to.

Spirituality and belief


Spirituality doesn’t mean believing in any particular practice. It is a positive way of being. There are several things to be done in order to get there. It can be likened to a garden in the house. If the sunlight, soil, or stem of plant is in a given way, it won’t produce flowers. You will have to do something. Those things need to be taken care of. If your body, emotions, energy, mind is calculated to a specific level of maturity, something different blossoms in you That is spirituality. If you have an immature rationale, it doubts everything. On the other hand, if rationale is mature, everything is seen completely differently.
At times a human experiences greater than himself, the customary way of perceiving this is “this is God”. Anything bigger than you is associated with God’s doing. It could be an experience or human being or even certain aspects of nature. But can this be spiritual? Or just life? “Just life” here does not play it down as a small thing. It is great. When life becomes powerful, overwhelming, wonderful experience for you, it is when you want to find out how it happened.
Does believing in God make you spiritual?
A non believer cannot be spiritual. Even a theist can’t be spiritual either. The reason to this is atheist and a theist are the same. One believes there is no God and another believes the contrary. All of them believe what they do not know. You aren’t honest enough to accept that you don’t know the truth. That’s the point. So atheists and theists are not different. They put an act of being different yet they are similar. Either a theist or an atheist is not spiritual seekers. The later has realized that he doesn’t know, so he is seeking nothing more then cheap psychic readings.
Once you believe, you are blinded to everything. Good and evil are not the source of divergence in the world, as it is portrayed. It is what I believe in versus what you believe in. The need for belief is more of psychological than spiritual. You need to feel secure by clinging to something. You want to act like you understand it all That comes from an immature mind. There is no problem if you do not know anything concerning existence. It is joyous and beautiful not knowing anything in yourself which is in your hands.
The spiritual experience
Visiting the mountain or the ocean to seek experience may be blissful; you have to experience the pleasure in the planet as it is You only need to understand that ocean creatures don’t think it is a spiritual experience. The same applies to the mountain goat, because they are ever there all the time When they are brought to the city however, it is likely they will think it is a spiritual experience. It is like breaking of barrier in you It can be likened to breaking out of the shell and growing bigger. Getting used to the bigger shell makes it feel the same old way.

So for one to become boundless, do not attempt it through physicality. It is impossibility to reach to the limit of boundless nature through physicality. I learned most of these type theories at